I started out in the landscape business under the name of  D.C. Landscaping, Inc. back  in 1980 at the age of 16.  My company serviced the businesses and residence of DuPage County. We offered complete landscaping and snowplow services.

In 1995 I purchased my first Semi Tractor and Trailer to do local hauling of sand, gravel, and topsoil.   I had a vision of building this company up to one of the largest hauling companies in DuPage County. By 2002 I had a total of 38 Semi Tractors, 82 Trailers, and employed 45 full time employees. 2005 rolled around quickly and I sold this company to one of the largest independent garbage hauling contractors in the country.

This allowed me to put all my efforts into expanding my landscape material supply company which I started in 1985. We currently operate and manufacture mulch on three sites consisting of about 15 acres. We specialize in same day delivery or for your convenience customer pickup at our West Chicago Location of mulch, sand, gravel, soil, and many other products.

We are located at the North West Corner of County Farm and Saint Charles Road, in unincorporated DuPage County.